AI Speech Synthesis Evolution – Baidu and Realistic Human Text to Speech and More!

Baidu is truly challenging Google! Recently, Baidu announced that it plans to open source its software for self-driving cars to accelerate its development. Just a few months back, this tech titan released its new innovation in the text-to-speech technology that’s way ahead of Google’s Wavenet. Baidu’s project is called Deep Voice and unlike WaveNet, Deep […]

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Text-to-Speech: Upgraded Alexa

One of the most distinct features of any TTS application is the voice that reads the text on the device. Amazon, the largest online retail company in the world has gone far and wide with the use of its own TTS technology named Alexa. The AI-powered assistant is considered to be one of the most […]

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Google’s Deepmind AI Fakes Some Of The Most Realistic Human Voices Yet

There’s a growing trend of people relying more and more on AI personal assistants like Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Cortana from Microsoft and the Google Assistant. Apple and Microsoft are using concatenative text to speech programs where they make recordings of real human voices, rearranged them and combined in small bits. The result […]

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HandSight: Reading Through The Fingertips

What is interesting about Text-to-speech is not only the excitement brought on by the developments on how speech is synthesized, but also, the way it is integrated with tools and applications that will help make people’s lives a whole lot easier. In an instance, there is a device being developed that can help the blind […]

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Text To Speech for Apple Watch!

We could hardly believe it when we heard that text-to-speech is now available on Apple Watch (given that Apple Watch imposed limitations on text-to-speech previously)! Who knew that a watch can now be enabled to read text out loud? Amazing! Apple Watch does come with a range of accessibility features to meet the needs of […]

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The Sorcery That Is VoCo: Photoshop For Voices

Believe it or not, photoshopping voices is a thing – although not now, but will be in the future. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof: So Adobe suddenly decides that altering images, videos, and their current creative suite are not enough. They have now introduced a way for us to alter the things we say. Adobe […]

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Text-to-Speech In The Classroom

Since 1950’s, Text-to-speech (TTS) technology has gone through a dramatic change. Today, TTS is affordable and a great asset in learning and education. Learners and students with vision impairments, like dyslexia, and struggling readers benefit from TTS. The benefits of TTS and its practical applications are made known by famous personalities such as Stephen Hawking, […]

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Google uses AI in Learning Human Speech

As early as the 1700’s, there have been attempts to make machines emulate human speech and the results were robotic and barely intelligible. Scientists have come a long way in training computers to understand voice commands, but the technology for text-to-speech (TTS) has fallen behind. Even today, the synthesized voices can still be distinguished from […]

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