There are many reasons why one should implement voice features into their website. Voice features are tools used to convert written text on a website, to spoken words. The voice features on ResponsiveVoice are created by the newest of technologies and are therefore very dynamic. But why should you bother adding voice features to your website? Isn’t that too much trouble for too little result? Well, the answer as you may have guessed is no. there are countless reasons why many people choose to implement voice features to their websites. In the following paragraphs, you will find the top 3 reasons, why people choose to use voice features!

Overtaking competitors

Primarily, it provides you with a whole new way of connecting to your target audience. The online market is a vast and complex spectrum that requires a certain level of differentiation in order to stand out. Over the years, we all have learned tips and tricks to differentiate and stand out in the crowd. For instance, the use of social media, investing in a SEO or SEA program, and/ or making sure your products are delivered quicker than those of your competitors. All of these are things you might want to exploit, or possibly already have. But now, we can add voice features to the list as well. Voice features are elements used to connect to your target audience in a unique fashion. So, if you want to stand out, use unique tools to do so. Use voice features!

Improving the user experience

Besides the fact that it’s good for creating a unique dimension in order to differentiate from competitors. Voice features are also used to improve the user experience. The user experience is the experience a potential customer has while navigating trough your website, ordering, and receiving your products (or services). If someone has had a good experience on your website, while ordering, and while receiving something, this user is bound to do it again.

Improving the user experience is all about making it easier for people to get where they want to go. Voice features can really help you with this process. It makes it easier for a prospect to follow the website’s content without having to read it. Therefore, it’s a great way to make it easier for a potential customer to place an order.

Helpfulness for visually challenged people

Along with this, there are also many people who suffer from a reduced eyesight. Of course, many things can lead to this. Whether it was caused by disease, inheritance or just plain old age, navigating trough a website can be quite a challenge for some who suffer from a reduces eyesight. Adding voice features to your website makes a huge difference in those people’s user experiences. Voice features are helpful tools for visually challenged people. And they therefore create retention of customers by improving the user experience.

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