E-books, Audio books, and Text-to-speech

An electronic book (e-book) is a publication in digital format for computers and other electronic devices. E-book sales started an upward trend in the 2000s. The convenience of being able to browse by titles, download and access the material instantly from e-commerce sites contributed to its popularity. E-books are also cheaper than the printed material, […]

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Text-To-Speech For Dummies

Text-To-Speech BEFORE For many centuries, the thought of designing a machine that could talk naturally has been a challenge to scientists, engineers and developers. Homer Dudley of Bell Laboratories proposed a system model for speech analysis and synthesis at the start of the 19th Century. The real issue with automatic speech recognition (text to speech) […]

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Virtual Home Visit Training Tool Wins Teaching and Learning Award

On August 26th, the commercialization efforts of staff and students who are developing new technologies, products or services from Curtin research were recognized at the Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards. Anne Furness and her team from the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science won the Teaching and Learning Award for their Virtual Home Visit (VHV) Training Tool. […]

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Wackysafe.com: Addressing The Need For A Child Friendly Search Engine

The internet is a powerful medium for both adults and children. It allows the young and old alike to access information and knowledge, communicate and share ideas, interact with their friends and peers through social media, be entertained and play. With the advent of the smartphones, almost anybody can access the internet on the go. […]

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Text-to-Speech: Averting the Challenges of Dyslexia

It is not surprising to see a few children in a classroom that are showing signs of difficulties in reading, interpreting words, symbols, and letters because according to the recent report published in the New York Times, about 2 million children in public schools alone struggle with reading due to dyslexia. However, this problem can […]

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Text-to-Speech in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

One of the ways in which text to speech technology (TTS) has created an impact is by allowing the physically challenged to be immersed in the online environment. The advent of social connectivity and the diversity of new technologies that bring people together have reached the realm of healthcare. Among the technologies that have been […]

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AI Madness: A Glimpse To A Real Talking Machine

How convenient it would be if we could just talk to our computers, and our computers can respond back with a level of contextual accuracy? This is one intent of most AI engineers. However, it is not as easy as it sounds (no pun intended). This is possible with the integration of the following concepts […]

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Breaking Barriers: Communicating Through Computers With Severe Autism

Everyone has an inner voice. I found a way to let mine out. –  Carly Fleischmann Autism does not manifest exactly the same for those who suffer from it, not all have the same problems and severity varies from mild to “acute”. However, all who suffer from autism have communication problems. They seem to live in […]

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Text-to-Speech: Connecting the Vision Impaired Online

Vision impairment is considerably among the most challenging disabilities a person may have as it involves loss of one of the important human senses, which is the sense of sight. Adding to the long list of things that a visually impaired person may have limitations in doing is accessing the Internet. Some parts of the […]

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Text-to-Speech: Top Software for a better E-learning experience

The introduction of eLearning has helped educators facilitate a virtual classroom experience designed to accommodate distant learners. Moreover, this has opened the doors and opportunities for flexible and distributed learning environments for students and facilitators across the globe.   The continuous developments in the eLearning environment have enabled educational institutions to enhance the richness of […]

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