Your Smart Speech Synthesizer: HTML5 Text-to-Speech

HTML5 is the most recent version of the Hypertext Markup Language – the code that describes webpages and the language that supports multimedia. It has been configured to deliver almost anything you’d want to accomplish online without requiring additional plugins or external software. Application development, animation, movies, and music are all possible using HTML5. It […]

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Decades of Text-to-speech (TTS) Evolution From Baby Talk to Siri

The text to speech technology made it to the consumers’ awareness during the advent of the digital era, but few people recognize that the speech synthesizer technology has been around since the time of the first commercially available computer UNIVAC. Melanie Pinola of PCWorld has traced the origin of the TTS technology and its conception […]

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Meet Euphonia: The 19th Century Human Speech Synthesizer

The idea of speech synthesizers was first explored around 200 years ago. In 1779 Russian Professor Christian Kratzenstein invented an apparatus that artificially produced vowel sounds. Another invention followed in 1791 when Wolfgang Von Kempelen introduced his “Acoustic-Mechanical Speech Machine”. This machine produced single sounds, but also a number of sound combinations. Different machines were […]

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Blind Journalist Delivers News With The Aid of Text-To-Speech

Journalist Nas Campanella has been reading the news for ABC, and Triple J News to an audience of approximately 1.9 million people. What most don’t know though, is that Campanella has been blind since infancy. According to a Broadsheet Sydney’s report issued in 2014 about Campanella, “the 26-year-old Sydneysider has been blind since she was […]

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5 Reasons That Make Text-to-speech Essential To Your Website

  I must confess to generally hating sections entitled “how to read this book” and so I feel that, if I bought it, I should be able to read it any way I damn well please! Nevertheless, I feel some guidelines may be useful. ― Paul Taylor, Text-To-Speech Synthesis Websites need to be able to produce […]

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Male And Female Voices in Every Language Available For Google Text-to-Speech

Before, developers had to build their own text-to-speech functionality in their own app. Now, this feature is available worldwide on most devices. This saves hours of needlessly creating and editing audio files. The most recent update to the Google text-to-speech feature is the addition of high-quality male and female voices in US and UK English. […]

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