Text-to-Speech Technology and International Literacy

September 8, 2016 marked the 50th year of International Literacy Day which was proclaimed in 1966 by the General Conference of UNESCO and the theme for this year is “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”. This year is a celebration of the global engagement and progress made to eradicate illiteracy over the past five decades. […]

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Text-to-Speech: Averting the Challenges of Dyslexia

It is not surprising to see a few children in a classroom that are showing signs of difficulties in reading, interpreting words, symbols, and letters because according to the recent report published in the New York Times, about 2 million children in public schools alone struggle with reading due to dyslexia. However, this problem can […]

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Text-to-Speech in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

One of the ways in which text to speech technology (TTS) has created an impact is by allowing the physically challenged to be immersed in the online environment. The advent of social connectivity and the diversity of new technologies that bring people together have reached the realm of healthcare. Among the technologies that have been […]

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Breaking Barriers: Communicating Through Computers With Severe Autism

Everyone has an inner voice. I found a way to let mine out. –  Carly Fleischmann Autism does not manifest exactly the same for those who suffer from it, not all have the same problems and severity varies from mild to “acute”. However, all who suffer from autism have communication problems. They seem to live in […]

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Text-to-Speech: Connecting the Vision Impaired Online

Vision impairment is considerably among the most challenging disabilities a person may have as it involves loss of one of the important human senses, which is the sense of sight. Adding to the long list of things that a visually impaired person may have limitations in doing is accessing the Internet. Some parts of the […]

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Blind Journalist Delivers News With The Aid of Text-To-Speech

Journalist Nas Campanella has been reading the news for ABC, and Triple J News to an audience of approximately 1.9 million people. What most don’t know though, is that Campanella has been blind since infancy. According to a Broadsheet Sydney’s report issued in 2014 about Campanella, “the 26-year-old Sydneysider has been blind since she was […]

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