Google’s Deepmind AI Fakes Some Of The Most Realistic Human Voices Yet

There’s a growing trend of people relying more and more on AI personal assistants like Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Cortana from Microsoft and the Google Assistant. Apple and Microsoft are using concatenative text to speech programs where they make recordings of real human voices, rearranged them and combined in small bits. The result […]

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Google uses AI in Learning Human Speech

As early as the 1700’s, there have been attempts to make machines emulate human speech and the results were robotic and barely intelligible. Scientists have come a long way in training computers to understand voice commands, but the technology for text-to-speech (TTS) has fallen behind. Even today, the synthesized voices can still be distinguished from […]

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Multimedia Localization and Multilingual Websites Benefit from Text-to-Speech

More people around the globe have access to the internet these days, compared to the number of internet users a few years ago. Since content can be accessed by people from different continents, multilingual sites are becoming popular. The internet doesn’t really have a universal, unified, single language as it continues to evolve and is […]

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Text-to-Speech Technology and International Literacy

September 8, 2016 marked the 50th year of International Literacy Day which was proclaimed in 1966 by the General Conference of UNESCO and the theme for this year is “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”. This year is a celebration of the global engagement and progress made to eradicate illiteracy over the past five decades. […]

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How To Modify Android’s Text-to-speech

Google has made a significant leap towards changing the way people use their smartphones with the strong integration of text to speech function embedded into its Android mobile platform. On the other hand, few Android users have taken the liberty of optimizing their TTS function to suit their liking. For some Android users, the TTS […]

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Development Of Open Source Text-to-Speech For Wikipedia Is Underway

An open source collaboration aims to add Text-to-speech functionality to Wikipedia. Essentially, the whole Wikipedia website is designed to make collaboration easy (aka Wiki). It is now the biggest open source knowledge base collaboratively written by the people who use it. The collaboration’s goal is to allow the site to read out the text to […]

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Male And Female Voices in Every Language Available For Google Text-to-Speech

Before, developers had to build their own text-to-speech functionality in their own app. Now, this feature is available worldwide on most devices. This saves hours of needlessly creating and editing audio files. The most recent update to the Google text-to-speech feature is the addition of high-quality male and female voices in US and UK English. […]

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