Overcoming Unreadable Web Designs – We Know, It Is That BAD!

Here’s a fact: There are pretty bad web designs out there that pose challenges in making content accessible, even for people who have perfect vision.  Kevin Marks, an Open Web Advocate and one of the founders of Microformats, said it perfectly, “I thought my eyesight was beginning to go. It turns out, I’m suffering from […]

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Web Accessibility Guide: This website isn’t talking, how can I make my browser talk?

There are a number of ways you can make your computer talk. This is valuable for people that have visual impairment, challenges with reading, and for those who need to multitask or rest their eyes. There are third party screen readers and text-to-speech softwares that are available. But your computer most probably has a built-in […]

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Your Smart Speech Synthesizer: HTML5 Text-to-Speech

HTML5 is the most recent version of the Hypertext Markup Language – the code that describes webpages and the language that supports multimedia. It has been configured to deliver almost anything you’d want to accomplish online without requiring additional plugins or external software. Application development, animation, movies, and music are all possible using HTML5. It […]

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Books That Read

Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia can benefit from both audiobooks and text-to-speech (TTS). Kids can listen to the text being spoken as they look at the words. Much as they accomplish the same thing, audiobooks and TTS differ in a lot of ways. The Difference Between Audiobooks and Text-to-Speech An audiobook is a voice […]

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Text-to-Speech Enabled App For The Speech Impaired

According to dictionary.com, speech is the faculty or power of speaking; oral communication; ability to express one’s thoughts and emotions by speech sounds and gesture; something that is spoken. Speaking comes naturally to all human beings. It’s a way of life and the mechanism of speech begins in infancy. Unlike writing, no one needs to […]

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Text-To-Speech and Distracted Driving

Driving Statistics (US) The statistics showing accidents in the United States due to distracted driving are alarming. A 2014 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that distracted driving is the cause for 18 percent of injury crashes, and 16 percent of all police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes. For that same year, 3,179 […]

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The Greatest Contribution of Text-to-speech Applications: The Gift of Listening

Text-to-speech (TTS) applications aid to render digital content into speech. In an instance, when the reader highlights a sentence, it is translated into spoken word. Try it! Select something on this article and listen to it. Whatever TTS features the website has enabled or your device has installed, the basic fundamental remains the same. This […]

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