Professional Help for Installing ResponsiveVoice

Our Professional Services team is equipped and experienced in assisting you with installing ResponsiveVoice in your website or application.

With so many potential configurations available in todays market, and not all easily understood by the day-to-day user of ResponsiveVoice, we offer key expertise to ensure this process is smoother and faster.

ResponsiveVoice owners use this service when they:
  • have limited technical resources and want to keep focused on their core business
  • have new technical resources and need them to become quickly knowledgeable with ResponsiveVoice
  • have new versions of web frameworks they are less familiar with
  • are under time limitations and need ResponsiveVoice up and running sooner rather than later
  • are hosting their own website, either in-house, or in the cloud where technical support is not readily available
  • want email support for the first 14 days
Included in the service:
  • consultation on your intended use of ResponsiveVoice and recommendations for configuration
  • a key assigned technical support person
  • hands on management of your ResponsiveVoice installation
  • documentation and feedback on website configuration
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