Did you know? November is Assistive Technology Awareness Month (in some states)!

Pennsylvania, USA is celebrating Assistive Technology Awareness this month! Kudos Pennsylvania and kudos to everyone who celebrates assistive technology– regardless when it happens in a given year. We at ResponsiveVoice are very fortunate to be part of promoting this technology.

Assistive devices are developing fast. They provide people who seek independence opportunities to bravely and successfully navigate their environment and to thrive despite their condition.

Assistive and very specialized technology have been very expensive. But as our technology progress and assistive tech is being integrated into mainstream devices, we see a significant reduction of its cost and for some, these technologies are now very affordable.

When technology is designed for everyone, it lets anyone do what they love Sady Paulson

Technology should be accessible to everyone – this is a firm stand of those, including us, who promote accessibility. The devices that we use on a daily basis are changing the lives of people with disabilities. Gone are the days that we define assistive technology as wheelchairs, hearings aid, and braille. It is a blanket term for any tech or application that provides functionality for the disabled in whatever form.

To celebrate Assistive Technology Awareness month, we also would love to give a shout out to the people behind the technology – people who code, develop, design, caption, and we mean everyone who makes this happen.

Here’s an opportunity to see one of the people behind the tech in action:

In summary, assistive technology and devices allow people with disabilities to fully engage in all aspects of life – at home, school, and the community. It opens more opportunities for employment, education, and social interaction. This, by all means, is something worth celebrating!

We’d love to hear from you! Are you working on a website, app or a passion project that helps promote accessibility and assistive technology? We are here to help share it with the world.

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